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Affiliate programme

The Saints and Slimmers affiliate programme gives bloggers, website and forum owners an opportunity to earn extra income from their site by promoting our products to their visitors.

We'll pay an attractive commission to you for every visitor you send to us who makes a purchase within 35 days of their visit, allowing you to make a profit from sales you generate for us.

How does your affiliate programme work?

It's very simple: you place a special link on your blog, forum or website. When your visitors click the link and arrive at our site, we record that you referred them to us using a thing called a cookie.

The cookie stays in their browser for 35 days and, if they make a purchase during that time, we'll record that you referred them to us and you'll receive a commission fee based on the value of their order.

How much could I earn?

There's no cap on the potential earnings you can generate from our affiliate programme. The more people you get to visit us, the higher your chances of earning yourself more commission. Many websites use affiliate marketing to provide thousands of pounds of extra income every month.

Who can join?

The Saints and Slimmers affiliate programme is open to anyone - no matter what size their website and we accept nearly everyone who applies. If you're blogging and want to earn a few extra pounds to cover your bills, or to treat yourself to a nice present every so often, it's worth signing up and posting some links back to us.

Where do I start?

The first thing you need to do is sign up with Affiliate Window. They act as a middleman between affiliates (like you) and advertisers (like us) to make sure both parties get treated fairly and paid the commission they deserve.

It's all really transparent and you'll be able to see in Affiliate Window how many people have clicked your links back to us, how many have purchased, and how much commission you'll be getting.

Go to our advertiser page on Affiliate Window and click the button to join (you'll need to login first). We'll get back to you within a day or so and you'll then find some helpful things in your Affiliate Window account to help you link back to us.

What's so good about our programme?

The Saints and Slimmers affiliate programme is a particularly good one because we provide an exceptional 11% commission on orders and we have a really long 35 day cookie.

We're really popular with our customers and have a huge social following and our conversion rate is very high - so if you send us visitors there's a stronger chance that they'll make a purchase with us than there is on many competing sites, so you're more likely to get paid.

Will you help me?

Yes, if you need any help, please feel free to contact our affiliate marketing team. Not only can they guide you through the set up, they can also give you unique offers for your site's visitors allowing you to offer them special voucher codes, discounts or free delivery.

Once you've registered with Affiliate Window, you'll find a wide range of links, widgets and discount codes you can place on your website to help you earn more commission. Trust us, it's easier than it sounds.