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Satisfying Snacks

Eating little and often is important and our range of 100 calorie snacks are a great treat. They’re easy to identify by their Green Fork and Halo.

The collection includes a variety of sweet and savoury products to suit all tastes. They are great to mix and match to add variety to your diet as well as being pretty important to keep those evil hunger pangs at bay throughout the day.


  1. Meal Replacement Crisp Bar

    Meal Replacement Crisp Bars

    Delicious and filling meal replacement bars
    • Allergens:

    7 for £13.16, 21 for £29.40, 42 for £55.02 or 84 for £99.96

    • Only 215 calories per bar
    • Only 10g of sugar and 2g saturated fat
    • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
    • Added Green Tea extract