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VLCD Diet Plan 600 - One Week

7 day very low calorie diet pack

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  • Our 600 calorie VLCD diet plan
  • Fast and effective weight loss
  • Ideal for those with a BMI over 30
  • Great value for money
This 7 day very low calorie diet plan is one of our best sellers. It's a really effective way to lose weight quickly. This diet plan provides 600 calories a day via your choice of three meal replacements a day. It's easy to follow. Simply swap your usual breakfast, lunch and dinner for one of the meal replacements below and watch the weight fall off. This diet plan includes enough food to last you a week, so it's the ideal way to find out whether VLCD dieting is right for you. Make a huge saving over buying everything individually.


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What's included in this very low calorie diet?

This 600 calorie VLCD Diet Plan is based on your choice of 21 different meal replacements for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and will last you a week of dieting. Each meal in this VLCD Diet Plan contains around 200 calories. You're given complete freedom to choose which meal replacements you receive and what flavours you have and you can take your pick from a wide range of diet shakes, meal replacement soups and savoury meal packs. Upgrading to the 28 day version of this diet reduces the daily cost significantly.

Who is this diet plan suitable for?

This 600 calorie VLCD is popular with anyone who wants to get fast results from their diet, particularly those whose BMI is over 30. The amount of weight loss will vary from person to person, but most people following this diet will lose 4-5 pounds a week. It is obviously quite a challenging diet to follow, but we've designed our products so they make the diet as easy as possible and they keep you feeling full. Our very low calorie diets are very effective and you should only stay on them for 12 weeks at the most. If you want to try an easier diet with slower weight loss, we'd recommend you consider our 800 calorie VLCD Diet Plan or one of our Complete Diet Plans which come in 1000 and 1200 options.

*Suggested weight loss figures are based on customer experience, however cannot be guaranteed.

How do I know this diet will work?

Our nutritionists have carefully designed the meal replacement products in this diet plan so they keep you feeling full and provide you with the nourishment you need to keep you healthy. Each meal provides around 200 calories, so you'll get 600 per day by eating three. This will give you your full recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamins and minerals, which is in line with European Food Standard Agency recommendations. The diet is easy to follow: all you need to do is replace your usual meals with a meal replacement and the weight will soon fall off.

What's special about your diet products?

Our products contain extra protein and fibre which will help keep you feeling full, so you'll be less likely to snack. The high quality protein we add also boosts health and immunity. In addition, many of our products also contain additional active ingredients such as Green Tea Extract, which boosts metabolism, is rich in antioxidants and has fat burning properties. We also add L-carnitine which can also contribute to weight loss.

Am I allowed other foods or drinks when on this diet?

You shouldn't eat other foods when on this diet as you'll go over your daily 600 calorie limit. However we recommend trying our zero fat, zero carb and zero sugar Slimmers' Noodles to help support your weight loss. You should drink around two litres of water per day (spread across the day) to which you can add our Water Flavouring powder if you like. You can also have black tea, black coffee or green tea - no sugar, though. Avoid alcohol, soft drinks and fruit juices which contain calories and citric acid that can take you out of ketosis and slow down the fat burning process.

What's ketosis and is this a ketosis diet?

Ketosis is a natural state that the body enters when it has used up its energy reserves of carbohydrate. When the body is in ketosis it burns fat instead of using carbs, so you lose weight. This diet should put you in ketosis which means you'll lose weight even faster. Ketosis usually kicks in after 2-4 days.

How much will I save by buying as a diet plan?

We've shown the full recommended retail price above, which is what you'd pay if you purchased all of the products individually. We discount this figure substantially when you buy all of the products together as part of a diet plan, so you'll make a significant saving from this full price.

Nutritional Info

Please refer to the individual product pages for the full nutritional information of each product.

Suggested Use
  • Our VLCD Diet Plan (600) is recommended for women and those who are below 17 stone in weight. Men and those who are over 17 stone in weight will find our other diets easier to follow.
  • This very low calorie diet plan is very easy to follow. Simply replace your breakfast, lunch and dinner with any one of the meal replacement products included in the diet plan. Each one contains around 200 calories and can be consumed at any time of the day.
  • We recommend that you drink at 2-2.5 litres of water per diet when following this VLCD diet plan. If you find water too bland we recommend using our special Water Flavouring. Unlike soft drinks or fruit juices, this is calorie free and won't take you out of ketosis, so your diet will remain effective.
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Reviews (5)

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  • I am going on holiday in 4 weeks and decided I needed a little boost away from the diet plan I usually follow so I started this diet with a view to if I lose 7lb in my first week and maybe 3lb thereafter I would be one happy bunny. I cannot even put into words how unbelievably excited I was after weighing myself after my first week on the diet! I got on and off the scales 3 times to make sure it was a true reading. A massive 12lb I lost in 1 week! How amazing is that!? Yes it was difficult at times but I have not felt hungry as I have been drinking 3 litres of water a day. I'm not massively overweight either so to have lost that in one week has given me the incentive to keep going up until my holiday so that I can let my hair down then. I will then come back to this diet after my holiday to shift those extra unwanted pounds. Thanks Saints & Slimmers, you have made this girl very happy! :)

    Vanessa - 12/08/2015
  • This diet is working really well. I have lost 9.5 lb in two weeks on the vlc 600. I feel better already. The packs taste good although I would not have ordered natural shakes if I knew they needed mixing with milk - the other shakes don't. I have just ordered another week it's so good. I can honestly say I am not hungry and I don't feel deprived as I have a sinless meal bar for lunch so it's like having a treat. Thanks s & s. I have another 4 stone to lose so it's great I have found something that works but at a fraction of the cost of diets like Lighterlife which I did successfully before I had kids!

    Anonymous - 22/01/2015
  • I'm not usually one or leaving reviews but I've been really impressed with my experience of Saints and Slimmers. Firstly, delivery of my order was super speedy. I ordered a trial VLCD bundle on a Friday afternoon and on Saturday morning received a text from the delivery company saying my parcel was out for delivery and sure enough, later that day it was delivered. Having paid for delivery within 2-3 days this was a pleasant surprise. I'm currently on day two of the diet and although day one was hard, I'm feeling really motivated by the experience so far. Having read some of the other reviews of S&S on the net I was a little dubious as to whether the 'food' would suit my taste buds but I have to say that so far, I've really liked everything I've tasted. I should probably say here that I'm definitely not a fussy eater though! The shakes are super tasty and surprisingly satisfying. The meal bars are yummy and while the texture is a little strange, it reminds me of fudge and they taste great with a cup of tea or coffee. My fave is the summer berries. So far, I've only tried one of the hot meals which was the spicy bolognese and although it reminded me of a pot noodle, the taste was really impressive, so much so, I didn't feel the need to add any extra herbs or spices and I HATE bland food! I must say though that the 'hot meals' were not quite what I was expecting. Unlike some other delivered diet packages, the hot meals on the VLCD option come in packets to which you add boiling water and heat up in the microwave - hence why they remind me of a pot noodle. I have to admit I was a little sceptical when I realised this but wasn't put off to not give the diet the go and actually, the flavour far outweighs the prep method and meal texture. I do have a couple of niggles though - firstly, one of the packet shakes was damaged upon receipt and some of the contents had spilled out. Fortunately, not too much of the contents had been lost but it was still rather annoying. Secondly, it would be helpful to include more information about the meal replacement items on the website/in the box with the bundles. As I said above, the savoury meal packs were not quite what I expecting. Overall, I would definitely recommend S&S to friends looking for a VLCD plan. Having only been on the diet for a couple days, I'm already considering doing a second week as the products suit my taste buds and the price certainly suits my wallet. Well done S&S and keep up the good work!

    Anonymous - 18/09/2013
  • This was FAB to help me lose weight before my hols :) :) !! Im going to do it again before my I go and then will try and stick to the re-feed when I get back so I can keep the weight off :D love chocolate milkshake the most ! !

    Megan - 20/05/2013
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