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VLCD Diet Plan 600 - One Month

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  • 600 calorie very low calorie diet plan
  • Recommended for those under 17 stone
  • Very quick weight loss
  • Great value for money
This Very Low Calorie Diet Plan is challenging but really effective, which is why it's one of our best selling diet plans. Containing enough food to last you 28 days, this VLCD provides 600 calories a day via your choice of meal replacement shakes, meal packs, bars and soups. It's simple to follow. Just replace breakfast, lunch and dinner with one of the meal replacements included. The pounds will soon fall off revealing a new slimmer you. Make a huge saving over buying everything individually.

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Required 84

What's included in this very low calorie diet?

On a VLCD 600 you get a total of 84 products for 28 days giving you three meal replacement products a day. Each meal replacement provides around 200 calories each providing 33% of 23 essential vitamins and minerals. So three products will give you all of the vitamins and minerals you need in your diet.

Our very low calorie diets are designed so you can choose from a number of products to suit your preference. There is a selection of three diet shakes, our Satisfying Soups or our Savoury Meal packs. You can even pick the flavours to completely personalise your diet.

Who is the very low calorie diet plan suitable for?

This very low calorie diet provides around 600 calories per day. It's popular with those who want to see faster results from their diet, as well as those who have a BMI over 30. If you are over 17 stone we'd recommend starting with our easier VLCD Diet Plan (800) instead.

Why should I choose Saints & Slimmers VLCD Diet Plan 600?

Our great-tasting and high quality products leave you feeling fuller for much longer due to the increased levels of high quality protein and dietary fibre we add to our products compared to our competitors. Our products also contain active weight loss ingredients such as green tea extracts and L-carnitine. This makes type of VLCD dieting much easier and better for you.

How much weight will I lose on a VLCD plan?

The amount of weight you lose will vary, but typically you will lose around 4-5 pounds a week.

*Suggested weight loss figures are based on customer experience, however cannot be guaranteed.

How long should I stay on a very low calorie diet?

A VLCD that involves eating 600 calories a day should not be followed for more than 12 continuous weeks. It is then important to take at least 1-2 weeks interval.

How easy is it to follow the very low calorie diet?

It's super simple to follow. All you do is replace your breakfast, lunch and evening meal with one of the meal replacement products you've chosen. Three 200 calorie meal replacements provides just 600 calories, so the weight will soon fall off.

Can you eat fruit on this VLCD diet plan?

No due to the sugar content we don't recommend extra fruit. The meal replacement products included on a VLCD are fortified with vitamins and minerals.

How do I know the VLCD products provide enough nutrition?

Our meal replacement have been carefully formulated to provide 100% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamins and minerals, which is in line with European Food Standard Agency standards.

Which products are included in the VLCD diet plan 600?

The VLCD 600 consists of three 200 calorie meal replacement products of your choice. The products can be eaten in any order you wish.

Which plan should I follow the VLCD 600 or 800?

As a guide we would suggest those customers over 17 stone go on to the VLCD 800.

Why do they contain added protein?

We add extra protein to our meal replacement products for a couple of reasons. Firstly, protein makes you feel fuller for longer, so you'll be less likely to snack and your diet will be more successful. Secondly, the whey protein we use provides high levels of amino acids that can assist with weight loss. These easily digested proteins also boost your health and immunity.

What makes your meal replacements different?

Unlike many other meal replacements, ours contain additional active ingredients that can help accelerate weight loss. We add metabolism boosting Green Tea Extract, which is rich in antioxidants and has fat burning properties, as well as L-carnitine. L-carnitine is used when fat is converted to energy and can reduce fat levels, which contributes to weight loss.

How long can I stay on the very low calorie diet?

The very low calorie diet is really effective and we recommend you only stay on it for a maximum of 12 weeks. When you reach the end of the VLCD you'll need to gradually increase your portion sizes.

What is ketosis?

Ketosis is a metabolic state the body enters when it has used up its energy reserves of carbohydrates and instead starts to burn the fats from its fat stores.

Why does the body go into ketosis?

If there is very little carbohydrate in the diet, either due to a reduction in calories overall or a reduction specifically in carbohydrates, the body will enter ketosis. This generally happens after 2-4 days.

Why are ketosis diets so popular?

Ketosis diets are popular with slimmers as the metabolic shift from burning carbohydrates to fats can accelerate weight loss.

Will I go into ketosis on this VLCD diet?

Most people will enter ketosis when their carbohydrate consumption is below 60-80g per day. This is achieved on a either a low-calorie or low carbohydrate diet such as our VLCD.

What can I eat and drink on a VLCD diet plan?

We recommend trying our zero fat Slimmers' Noodles to aid your weight loss as this is a great addition for any diet plan!

We recommend that you drink 2-2.5 litres of water per day - it can be still or sparkling. You can also drink black tea, black coffee or green tea while following a VLCD diet plan. You should cut out sugar and use sweetener instead.

With the exception of our own Water Flavouring, we'd advise you to steer clear of other water flavourings and soft drinks as the citric acid in them can take you out of ketosis and slow down the fat burning process.

How much will I save by buying as a diet plan?

We've shown the full recommended retail price above, which is what you'd pay if you purchased all of the products individually. We discount this figure substantially when you buy all of the products together as part of a diet plan, so you'll make a significant saving from this full price.

Nutritional Info

Please refer to the individual product pages for the full nutritional information of each product.

Suggested Use

Replace your breakfast, lunch and dinner with a meal replacement product from the starter pack.

We suggest that you use the products as follows:

Breakfast - Meal Replacement Product

Lunch - Meal Replacement Product

Dinner - Meal Replacement Product

You can consume any three products you wish

Remember to drink between 2-3 litres of water daily.

We recommend this option to women and those under 17 stone ,and those people who are looking for quick results.

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  • I've always struggled with my weight, and dieting and exercise haven't worked for me as well as I'd hoped. My willpower and motivation was non-existant up until 2 months ago. I checked online for a couple of weeks at diets and plans that could get me going and came across Saints. Now this has to be the best diet I've ever done. When I started the 1 month plan I weighed in at 20 stone, after the 28 days I had lost 1st 12lbs. I had a week off while the 2nd months food was delivered during which I ate healthly and I only put on 5lbs, then continued the diet and after another month I lost a total of 1st 5lbs, I'm now on the third month of doing this great diet and have lost over 3 stone. All the food tastes great and is suprisingly very filling, I tend to have the muesli(my favourite), porridge or muffins for breakfast, for lunch I'll have a milkshake or a meal bar, then at dinner have a hot meal my favourite being the taco pack. The other hot meals are just as good though. Seriously give this a try if you're unsure and thinking about it as it's great value and it works.

    Michael - 08/12/2015
  • I am not a great fan of the hot meals, but the milkshakes and meal replacement bars are great and actually quite filling once your body adjusts to the diet. The chocolate ready-made milkshake is thick and luxurious and really does feel like a treat. The chocolate sinless bar has a strange texture, but really does go down nicely with a cup of tea! I have a great tip for making this diet easier. I found the hardest thing was going without my cups of tea! So I make my first milkshake with 250ml of water instead of skimmed milk, and use my 250ml of milk to have my cups of tea all day! Makes a world of difference. I've lost 6lbs this week on this diet, would recommend it to anyone who is struggling to lose weight on their own.

    Gemma - 02/09/2015
  • The products are really tasty and make sticking to this easier than I thought it would. I particularly like the bars, muesli and shakes. Only thing is the delivery. I've had split packets that have covered the entire box contents. I wish the packaging was better.

    Karen - 13/07/2015
  • Yes this diet works and is easy to follow. I first did this 18 months ago and the price of the diet was nearly half of what it costs now!! I know prices have risen but this is ridiculous, the price was the reason I chose this company but now the price is in comparison with other similar diets on the market.

    Laurie - 27/12/2014
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