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VLCD Taster Pack

Try Our VLCD Plan for 3 Days

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  • A great way to trial our products
  • No need to buy a whole multipack
  • Choose which products you receive
  • Pick any 9 foods of your choice
The VLCD Taster Pack lets you try our wide range of Saints & Slimmers meal replacements without the need to buy a larger multipack or diet plan. It's the ideal way to try out our wide range of meal replacements without committing. As with all of our products, you're free to pick what products and flavours you receive, allowing you to personalise your pack to your own tastes.


Required 9

What is the VLCD Taster Pack?

The VLCD Taster Pack allows you to buy individual samples of the meal replacements in our product range and experience a VLCD diet for 3 days. Ordinarily, our foods are only available in larger multipacks or individually when purchased as part of a diet plan, but the VLCD Taster Pack lets you buy them individually so you can try them out without buying a larger pack.

What products are included?

The VLCD Taster Pack includes a wide range of products from the Saints & Slimmers meal replacement range. You're free to pick the products and flavours. Simply choose the 9 you want to receive and click the add to basket button.

What's special about Saints & Slimmers' diet foods?

Our foods are carefully designed to be low in calories, thereby helping you lose weight, but also high in protein and fibre to help you stay feeling fuller for longer. Many of our products are also fortified with additional vitamins and minerals to keep you nourished while dieting, and some contain active ingredients such as Green Tea Extract and L-carnitine which can aid in the weight loss process.

Nutritional Info

For nutritional information please see the product pages for the products you've selected.

Suggested Use

Saints & Slimmers diet foods are designed to be used as part of one of our calorie controlled diets.

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